Foot Operated Touch-less
Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Stand 

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

The recent times have been tough for all of us, with the entire world struggling in the battle with an enemy that we still don’t fully understand. There is no known cure for Covid-19 at the moment but researchers are working round the clock to develop a vaccine. Though a vaccine is still out of reach, there are a few basic hygiene steps that we can all follow to keep the coronavirus at bay, one of which is frequent washing of hands with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

So we went ahead and developed the Foot-operated sanitizer dispensing unit that enabled users to sanitize their hands with a single tap of the foot. This eliminated the need for touching any objects by hand and improves social distancing.

The Foot-operated touchless hand sanitizer dispensing stand is made up of minimum parts and as a result it is small and quite lightweight (about 12kgs). The low weight and small size make it easy to handle and carry around to deploy at any location. Being constructed of mild steel gives it extra strength and durability and a spray paint coating of 100 microns makes it corrosion free and enhances its aesthetics. It is also adjustable and supports sanitizer bottles of various sizes. They are available in 2 different models and prices.

  • Model 1 - Rs. 1650/- plus taxes
  • Model 2 - Rs. 1400/- plus taxes

This has proven to be a very effective tool for hand sanitization at our premises and we believe it can be of great help at malls, shops, factories, restaurants, offices, or even front doors of any establishments. This can greatly improve social distancing and encourage more people to use hand sanitizer.

At BRPL, the safety of our employees is our topmost priority and we have taken care to implement all the necessary procedures and social distancing norms to ensure that nobody’s safety is compromised. Hand sanitizers were installed at various spots on the premises and its usage was made mandatory for all. But as the usage of sanitizers increased there was one area we noticed that needed some further improvement. The common hand sanitizer that everyone had to use compulsorily had to be handled by different people every time to dispense the liquid which made it come in contact with all the people. This was an area of concern because when it comes to the spread of Covid-19 we can never be very sure.

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