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Bansal Roofing is a leading manufacturer and supplier of FRP products. Fibre Reinforced Plastic or FRP products have several uses in construction as well as architectural fields. FRP is a type of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibre. The glass fibre may be made from different types of glass depending on the application.

BRPL offers fiber glass Opaque and Translucent sheets (FRP sheets) for different applications. Product offered are U.V. Stabilized, Superior Impact Resistance , Better finish since it is made out of First Quality chopped glass mat and U.V. Polyester resin.

Our FRP products are known for a wide range of benefits that include:
  • High mechanical strength saves it from wear, tear and damage over the long run
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low thermal conductivity makes it a good insulating material to be used in roofs and partitions
  • Corrosion-resistant
By using Fibreglass in roofing and wall cladding it can be used to improve the aesthetics of the construction. Its insulating properties also help block sunlight and maintains a cool temperature inside. Our FRP products are lightweight, provide great strength, require minimal maintenance and have a long life in the field.

Applications of FRP Products

1. Translucent sheets provide natural daylight in Industrial and Domestic sheds. Light transmission is 40% to 90% Depending upon the requirement of User.

2. Translucent sheets can be used as :

  • Side Cladding Sheets, instead of glass, on main gate of house, shower partitions.
  • Decorative False Ceiling
  • Skylight area (OTS), Green House.
  • Canopy, Car Parking Sheds.

FRP Sheets Product Range

1. Translucent and Opaque -

  • Plain sheet with and without wrinkle.
  • Corrugated sheet in any Profile (GI, Precoated, PVC, Aluminium etc.)
  • Multi Coloured sheets.
  • Textile Sheets.

2. Translucent and Opaque - Domes and Pyramid.

3. Any thickness between 0.8 mm to 10 mm.

4. We manufacture sheets as per customer's specifications.

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