Perforated Sheets

BRPL’s perforated sheets are made through a superior metal punching process. We have a variety of patterns which makes our perforated sheets suitable for different applications. Depending on your requirement we can supply perforated sheets with round, capsule, slotted or hexagon profiles or any other required shape.

Our perforated sheets are lightweight and robust which makes them perfect for usage in offices, houses, parks and all other environments. We also supply perforated sheets in various thickness, size and materials for different applications.

Some of the applications of our perforated sheets include:

  • Sunlight containment
  • Acoustic performance
  • Filtering in chemicals, food, petroleum and sewage water
  • Heat dissipation
  • Anti-Skid in slippery areas
  • Decoration
  • Protective function

Perforated Sheets is made through the metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing process. This is a sheet or plate with round holes punched in it or expanded metal.

Perforated materials are very versatile. From lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, perforated metal offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty. Perforated Sheet are also an excellent means of achieving sustainable design objectives.

Perforated sunshades and sunscreens provide privacy for building occupants without blocking the view. And they offer a comfortable level of natural lighting during daylight hours while deflecting heat to reduce the load on the HVAC system. Perforated canopies, façades and cladding can also be used to help control interior climate and save energy.

  • Applications
  • Interior Design,
  • HVAC,
  • Noise Control,
  • Security Ceilings,
  • Sunscreens,
  • Building Facades,
  • In-Fill Panels,
  • Ceilings,
  • Furnishings,
  • Stair Treads and Risers,
  • Screening and Fencing

Benefits of Perforated Sheets

Perforated materials have many advantages ranging from weight reduction through acoustic noise reduction to heat dissipation and much much more.

  • Acoustic performance
  • Weight reduction
  • Radiation containment
  • Separation
  • Heat dissipation
  • Transparency
  • Anti-Skid

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