Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs)


  • Pre Engineered Building (PEB) is a concept of structure having high structural strength, economical design while it supersedes the conventional fabrication, it lowers down the stress of foundation, hence there is less cost on civil construction as well.
  • Tailor made buildings based on client’s requirement and actual design calculations using tapered sections. An efficiently designed Pre Engineered Building (PEB) can be lighter than the conventional steel building by up to 30%.
  • BANSAL is well equipped to produce Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB structure) as per client’s requirements. The company has all the latest machinery to support this segment. The entire design of Columns, Rafters and other Accessories is based on international structural standards and invoice high technical welding and quality production.
  • These are the PEB structures basically manufactured/fabricated at the factory with the high tensile steel material by collecting complete information of shed/building (viz: Length, Width, Height etc.)
Pre Engineered Buildings Manufacturer

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs):

  • It is designed using international standards considering factors like weather conditions, wind Velocity, seismic zone etc. of the location.
  • We design Energy Efficient buildings using skylight sheets, cladding louvers, Self-driven ventilators, Ridge vents, Roof Monitor design and many more.
  • High aesthetic appeal using latest design of Gabble End, Curves, Bracket less Gutters etc.
  • Flexibility in expansion.
  • Saving in construction time.

PEB comprises of –

a) Primary Members include:

Columns, Rafters, Crane beams, etc.

b) Secondary Members include:

Purlins, Bracings, Tie rods, Angle bracings, High Tensile Bolts and washers etc.

c) Roofing, Cladding & Accessories include:

Top Roof Sheets/Panels , Side Cladding (Vertical) Sheets/Panels, Skylights Sheets, Ventilators, Louvers, Downspouts, etc.

Application For PEBs

1. Factory

2. Warehouse

3. Workshop

4. Community Hall

5. Commercial Showroom

6. Cold Storage

7. Stadium

8. Parking Shed

9. Railway Platforms

10. Airports


We have following Equipments to cater to manufacturing of Quality Pre-Engineered Building (PEB).

  • Shear Machine: Automatic with tapper setting and length up to 6300 MM LONG and thickness up to 16mm of plates
  • Shear Machine: Mechanical Shear Machine to cut up to 3000 mm and 2 mm thickness.
  • SAW Machine : For quality welding
  • MIG Welding : 05 MIG Welding Machine
  • ARC Welding : 02 MIG Welding Machine
  • Radial Drill : To drill up to 50 mm
  • Magnetic Drill : To drill up to 50 mm in any angle
  • Chaser Machine: To make foundation bolt, SAG Rods and Brace rods
  • Power Press : 50 Tonne Power press to punch bend clits, Angles etc.
  • PUG Cutting : To cut higher thickness by Gas
  • Roll Forming : 02 nos. Roll Forming Machines to produce Hi RiB Profile sheets
  • Roll Forming : 01 nos. Roll Forming to produce Sigma, “Z” and “C” Purlins.1 mm to 3 mm in thickness
  • Crimping M/c. : To make NLC and curved sheets
  • Press Break : To make Accessories like Gutter, Barge, Rack Angle, Down take etc.
  • Folding Machine: To make accessories of any angle – Manual
  • Mobile Crane : ACE make 14 tonne capacity mobile crane
  • Total Area for production and storage is 50000 sq. ft with two overhead cranes of 5 tonne each.


We at “Bansal” use international design codes for making Steel Buildings. It is in accordance with the following codes:

  • The 2002 Edition of Low Rise Building System Manual of Metal Building Manufacturer
  • Association (MBMA)
  • All Applicable loads of design as per MBMA
  • Hot rolled and build up sections are designed in accordance with: Manual of Steel Construction,
  • 9th Edition of American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

  • Cold formed members are designed in accordance with 1996 edition of Cold formed Steel
  • design manual of American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)

  • Welding is applied with in accordance with Structural Steel Welding code of American Welding
  • Society (AWS D1.1)

  • We also manufacture Structure based on Design Codes as per Indian Standards.


Primary Members

Primary structural framing shall include the transverse rigid frames, lean-to-rafters and columns, canopy rafters, interior columns (beam and column frames), bearing the same rafters and corner columns and end walls wind columns.

Secondary Members

Secondary structural framing shall be including purlins, girts, eave struts, wind bracing, base angles, clips, and other miscellaneous structural members.

Physical Specifications of Structural Members

  • Members fabricated from plate or bar stock shall have flanges and webs joined on one side of the webs by the continuous welding process and will conform to the physical specifications of ASTM A570 (Grade 50) or equivalent or having a minimum yield strength of 50,000 P.S.I (345 MPa).
  • Members fabricated by the cold forming process shall conform to the physical specification of ASTM A570 (Grade 50) or equivalent or having a minimum yield strength of 50,000 P.S.I (345 MPa).
  • Members fabricated from hot-rolled structural shapes conform to the physical specification of ASTM A572 (Grade 36) or equivalent or having a minimum yield strength of 36,000 P.S.I (250 MPa).
  • Rods and Angle bracings shall conform to the physical specification of ASTM A36 or equivalent having a minimum yield strength of 36,000 P.S.I (250 MPa).

Paint on Structural Members

All Structural members shall be cleaned by wire brushing to remove dirt, grease, oil and loose mill scale and given one shop coat of red oxide. The finish paint touch up shall be 30 to 50 microns done at the factory/site. Sand Blasting and special protective coating is an option at client's discretion.


  • All field connections shall be bolted (unless otherwise specified in the approval drawings)
  • The primary bolted connections shall be furnished with high strength bolts conforming to the physical specifications of ASTM A325 (or equivalent)
  • Secondary bolted connections shall be furnished with machine bolt conforming to the physical specifications of ASTM A307 (or equivalent)

Roof & Wall Sheeting / Flashing and Trim

A Standard supply of material for Roof Sheets is 0.47 mm Bare Galvalume and for wall Claddings it is 0.50mm Colour coated Galvalume.

Accessories shall be made from either Bare Galvalume or Color Coated Galvalume as per agreement with the client.

Sheeting Fasteners

The standard fastener shall be no. 14, Type A self-tapping sheet metal screws with neoprene washers.

Sealer / Rope Seal 

Shall be applied wherever necessary.

Anchor Bolts and templates

Anchor bolts will be black finished of appropriate diameter and length as per design requirements. Templates will be fabricated at the factory of dimensions matching the column base plate(s).


BRPL supplied products are warranted against any failure due to defective material or workmanship for a period of 12 (Twelve) months from the date of completion of erection or 18 (Eighteen) months from the date of supply, whichever is earlier.

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