Why Insulated Sandwich Panels
Are Popular In Construction

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Why Insulated Sandwich Panels are Popular in Construction

Sandwich panels are products used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings; each panel comprises a core like part of thermo insulating material which is skinned on both sides with sheet metal. Insulated sandwich panels are curtain materials, not structural materials. The structural forces in these panels are carried by the steel framework or other carrier frame to which the sandwich panels are attached.

Types of sandwich panels range from;  sandwich panels with cores of EPS (expanded polystyrene), mineral wool and polyurethane (PIR, or polyisocyanurate.  All of these are readily available at Bansal Roofing Products Limited. We are the pioneers of high quality, premium roofing sheets and roofing accessories that will add to the strength and aesthetics of your construction.

Insulated sandwich panels are gaining immense popularity in the construction industry through private as well as government projects. PUF panels, EPS panels, rock wool and glass wool panels are examples of the same. These insulated puf panels are available in a variety of thicknesses depending upon the application and requirements. The application of the same ranges from accommodation shelters, low-cost housing, wall cladding, cold storage and portacabins as well as extensive usage in industries such as the seafood industry, meat and poultry, and milk and dairy industries.

Let’s take a look at why insulated sandwich panels have gained popularity in construction:

Insulated sandwich panels are popular in the Indian construction industry owing to their frequent usage, the reasons for the same being;

#1 – Excellent Quality:

Insulated puf panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, in the presence of experienced and skilled technicians who are qualified professionals. The main focus for the same lies in the quality of material, to use high-grade material for manufacturing such panels. The quality of insulated panels renders them to be highly efficient and can be used in construction without any difficulty.

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#2 – Strength:

Insulated Sandwich Panels

Insulated sandwich panels are extremely strong and are manufactured according to strict standards of strength and quality. EPS panels mostly used for outer walls, roofs and ceilings are utilized because-of this very virtue of these panels. They have a high load-bearing capacity and can withstand vigorous weather conditions.

#3 – Green Building Materials:

EPS, PUF, Rockwool and Glasswool are pollution-free and are 100% recyclable. With the entire world making conscious choices towards sustainability for the betterment of the environment, such a product in the construction industry is bound to be preferred. Insulated puf panels can also be dismantled if the need arises and all the panels can be used elsewhere or in the same structure. This is a prominent feature of these panels, which is also the reason for attracting customers towards the same.

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#4 – Low cost of maintenance:

Buildings made of insulated sandwich panels require low to very little maintenance. Moreover, these can be cleaned with a simple process of soap and water. These insulated panels are energy efficient which enables 30-40% energy saving on a yearly basis.

#5 – Weather Friendly Product:

Insulated sandwich panels are weather friendly and any weather condition doesn’t affect them. Be it storms, rain or scorching heat, with Bansal Roofing’s insulated sandwich panels you won’t have to compromise on quality and durability. Insulated puf panels are also fire resistant as well as suitable for stringent conditions.

When you avail insulated sandwich panels of high quality from Bansal Roofing, you avail the benefits of energy-efficient and durable panels that are suitable for diverse applications. These can also withstand wind velocity up to a maximum level and withstand heavy snowfall/rainfall. Our insulated sandwich panels are easy to install with a screw-down system just like any other metal sheet. For more information, You can call us at +91-9925050913 or inquiry at inquiry@bansalroofing.com.

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