Puf Panels

Sandwhiched (Insulated) Panels

“Bansal” offers different types of sandwhiched panels i.e. PUF (Polyurathene Foam), Rock wool, Glasswool, XLPE etc. Most commonely used panels are PUF insulated and details are as below.


PUF Insulated Sandwhiched Panel


Rockwool Sandwhiched Panels

These sandwich panels are filled with polyurethane in the core achieving Good R-values and consists of exterior and interior facings of relatively thin Profiled metal sheets.

Sandwich elements have become essential in the construction industry. They are used alongside traditional building materials such as wood, steel, and concrete and have become the first choice material for the realization of various buildings such as Production Halls, Airports, Exhibition Halls, Cold Rooms, Plants, Cold Storages, Auditoriums and many others. The reasons for this trend are to be found in their excellent properties as insulating elements. Architects select these multilayer panels for many reasons, including their design potential and aesthetic, and their static and acoustic properties.


  • Energy-efficient and durable Panels.
  • Suitable for diverse applications
  • Can withstand wind velocity up to Maximum Level.
  • Can withstand heavy snowfall/rainfall.
  • It can withstand extreme temperature from -50 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius.
  • PUF having a thermal conductivity of 0.018 kCal prevents cross heat flow between room & outside ambiance.
  • Easy to Install with Screw down system same as any other Metal Sheet
  • These shelters are very light in weight, compact and have high structural strength thereby making it possible to create suitable size.
  • No air or water can penetrate through the panels of the shelter.
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