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Roofing Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A roof is the crown of a construction structure, ultimate protection over construction that protects from extreme conditions. Thus, a roof must be selected, manufactured and installed with proper precaution and high standards ensuring that it not only provides protection but also adds to the aesthetics of construction. It is important that the roofing sheet you select checks off all the requirements of the ideal roofing for your construction. One of the materials that have been surpassing many for ages is metal both steel and aluminum.

Metal roofing sheets have been in business for centuries and have gained immense popularity owing to the versatility and benefits they offer. However, the metal roofing installation is a crucial aspect. If not installed in an appropriate manner, it can result in several shortcomings like leakage and render the construction to be weak over time, outshining the benefits a metal roof provides.

Bansal Roofing has been in the roofing business for a long time and has acquired enough expertise to give you some advice and tips on mistakes you can avoid when installing the metal roof of your choice.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Roofing Installation:

#1 – Incorrect Screw Fasteners:

Incorrect Screw Fasteners

It is important to inquire regarding the kind of screw fasteners your roofing manufacturer uses when installing your metal roof. Making use of non-standard screws for the metal roofing installation can result in water leakage and cause the roof to become weak in the long run. It is important to use the correct fasteners that are designed especially for metal roof panels. The objective of using fasteners is to seal the opening through a washer, keeping the water at bay. Quality is yet another factor that must be considered because compromising the quality of your metal roof will cost you in the long run.

#2 – Overlapping the Panel in the Wrong Manner:

Overlapping the metal roof panels is of key importance as it prevents the water to leak from areas where the panels meet. The overlapping required depends upon the slope of the roof. It is imperative to determine the pitch of the roof in accordance with the amount of overlap required and other requisites that must be suggested and executed by the roofing manufacturers.

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#3 – Extension of Roof Panels Appropriately Over the Edge:

roofing installation process

Precision is important when leaving just the correct amount of roof overhanging. If the roof is altered too short, there will eventually be water leakage down to the sides and the gutters. On the other hand, if the metal roof is extended too long then the water will not enter the gutters and eventually result in falling directly to the ground. Hence, it is suggested by construction experts to keep the measurements of the overhang around an inch and a half and 2 inches.

#4 – Using Few Screws for Pipe Flashing:

Penetrations like PVC pipes are more prone to leakage and such penetrations must be flashed with utmost care and caution. It is crucial to make use of the right number of screws and avoid the use of caulk as an alternative.

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#5 – Too Much Reliability on Sealant:

Sealants and caulks are not the primary options for waterproofing. It must be ensured that the application of caulk should be kept away from sunlight and weather. The best and safest position for its application is underneath a panel or trim.

Metal is used for several purposes like roof decking, cladding and much more. Metal is a material preferred by many and metal roofs are the finest option for any construction. With Bansal roofing, one needn’t worry about the quality, durability and timely delivery of roofing sheets and roofing accessories. 

Bansal roofing is the pioneer of manufacturing premium quality roofing sheets, roofing accessories and PEB constructions. We believe in catering to our customers’ construction needs with utmost precision and offering them full value for their money. Bansal delivers roofing accessories, products and PEB Constructions PAN INDIA and is known for timely delivery and high quality of products. Having catered to the metal roofing needs of big industries and several private enterprises, Bansal roofing manufactures metal roofing sheets meeting every client’s construction requirements with top-notch quality.

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