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Green Industrial Buildings

Green buildings may sound new or different concepts. But we humans have been constructing this kind of building since ancient times. The Green Industrial building used to be made from natural materials such as wood, mud, straw and stone and has been using renewable energy from the sun, wind and water for thousands of years. As the years have passed, the use of sustainable material has also decreased from building constructions. The idea of natural light and the use of natural resources got trapped in a “Concrete Jungle.”

Looking at today’s scenario we all should take one step back and start using the renewable sources in our construction. The growth and development of our economies have a significant effect on our natural environment. The construction of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources. Bansal Roofing Products Ltd. takes that one step towards nature and creates “BANSAL GREEN BUILDING”.

Elements of Green Building Overview

BANSAL Green Building (also known as green construction or sustainable building). A ‘green‘ building is a project building wherein its design and construction minimize the use of resources, reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts, maximize occupant quality of life and also to decrease the building’s life cycle costs.

A green building makes efficient use of land, materials, energy, and water by generating minimal or no waste. It provides a healthy indoor environment for its occupants and enhances the natural environment. These sustainable buildings preserve precious natural resources as well as improve our quality of life.

Bansal Green Building includes:

#1 – Solar Panels:

Solar energy is one of the cleanest, renewable energy sources available, and is the largest current energy source for the globe. It can be used many in different ways. It is also very cost-effective for longer runs as solar energy is available for a lifetime at no cost once the infrastructure has been installed. By adding solar panels, we minimize the necessity of using other forms of energy that will eventually help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

#2 – Sky Light Strip For Natural Sunlight:

Sky Light Strip is the most inexpensive way to light up rooms with natural light without electricity–free sunlight. It comes in several sizes from 10″ diameter to 21″ diameter and illuminates from 150 Square Feet up to 700 Square Feet without using a drop of electricity. The amount of light produced is equivalent to 300 watts to 1,450 watts at no cost to you.

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#3 – Louvres For Ventilation:

This is a model that can be integrated into the building to allow free access to air. The primary purpose of natural ventilation is to provide air circulation throughout the building through the outdoor ambient weather. By using this method, the construction owners can save on energy costs. Ventilation systems can replace all or part of a mechanical system — that reduces the owner’s construction, energy and operating costs.

#4 – Turbo Ventilator For Ventilation:

Turbo Eco Ventilators

The Turbo ventilator runs on wind energy. Besides, it is maintenance-free and adaptable to any roofing. Turbo air ventilators are strong, durable and weather-proof. It allows the sunlight to enter through the roof vent, which results in cutting the lighting cost. These ventilators are designed in such a way that even a slight breeze is enough to rotate the turbines and start the ventilation process. The turbo ventilators are suitable for all types of buildings, be it commercial or residential and can be a perfect substitute for exhaust fans.

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#5 – Sewage Treatment Plant:

The increasing scarcity of freshwater and environmental concerns drives wastewater reuse; more and more buildings are setting up water and sewage treatment plants for their needs.100% of the wastewater, greywater and sewage is recycled using the advanced techniques. The water is filtered using a pressure sand filter and an activated carbon filter and at the delivery point, it passes through the UV filter as well to reduce the suspended impurities and control the microbial growth. All these steps make water clean and microbes free. The treated water can be used for flushing and gardening that leads to enormous water savings.

Why Is Green Building Important?

Environmental benefits of sustainable building – The green building’s principal focus is on making it environmentally friendly. And the building fulfills this by enhancing and protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity. By reducing waste streams and conserving natural resources and preserving them.

Economic benefits of green building – Green building uses so many cost-effective solutions to reduce operating costs and improve the productivity of the occupant. Green building enhances asset value and profits and also optimizes economic performance over the life cycle.

Social benefits of green building – Green Building improves the overall quality of life. With all the natural alternatives and allowing the use of natural light and air to enhance the health and comfort of the residents. It improves indoor air quality and minimizes stress on local utility infrastructure.

Why Choose BANSAL Green Building:

BANSAL Green Building is an innovative home or building designed to help homeowners save money, reduce energy use and live in spaces that are healthier for themselves and the environment. BANSAL Green Building uses a wide range of criteria, such as energy and water use, building materials sustainability, indoor air quality, site walkability and landscape ecology, to build buildings in the most sustainable manner.

BANSAL designs and manufactures its green building considering Sustainable Site Design. It is one of the leading and dedicated manufacturers of Pre- Engineered Building and Green Buildings. Bansal Roofing Products Limited is also a member of the “Indian Green Building Council”. Bansal understands the nurture requirements as well as the development of the city and works with the best solution for all.

With more than 10 years of experience and great expertise, Bansal Roofing Products Limited” (BRPL) has successfully established itself in the market. It manufactures all kinds of Roofing Products and accessories. Bansal has marked its value with very recent awards of IPF Fastest Growing Company Award (Small SME) of the year 2020.

You can rely on Bansal which is a list of successful projects. Bansal has successfully completed more than 75 projects in India and Abroad. And are well known for completing 100% projects in time and maintained the record of not being charged with the late penalty till date.

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