“Z” , “C” & Sigma Purlins

A purlin is a longitudinal supporting member used in roof framing that provides support to the roof decking or sheeting. Purlins help in making the entire roof structure more rigid by adding horizontal support throughout the span of the roof. The use of purlin is common in pre-engineered buildings or PEB. In steel constructions, purlins are available in different shapes and are usually made of cold-formed steel that is thin enough to be fastened with screws.

Purlins are part of the secondary framing of construction and help in distributing the load from the roof to the main framing and other major structural elements.

Purlins come in a variety of shapes and are most commonly named after the shape of their cross-section such as,

Types of Purlins:

  • Z Purlins
  • C Purlins
  • Sigma Purlins

Bansal Roofing Products Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Z purlins, C purlins and Sigma purlins. Combining great strength with high flexibility our purlins are designed to withstand all kinds of loads from the roof and other environmental factors.

These type of purlins are most unique cold roll-formed sections used to fix roof and side claddings. The advantage of using these purlins is that unlimited depth and thickness option gives the designer the required freedom to design the most economical purlin.

Minimum yield strength of these purlins will be 320 Mpa which enables designer to design lightweight purlin.

"Z" purlins can be supplied from 100 mm depth to 300 mm depth and thickness of 1 mm to 3 mm.

"C" purlins can be supplied from 100 mm depth to 300 mm depth and thickness 1 mm to 3 mm

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