5 Advantages of Metal Decking Sheets

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November 21, 2020
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Metal decking or steel decking has become one of the most preferred methods of construction in the recent years and there are various metal deck sheet suppliers that have emerged recently due to its newfound popularity in constructions of multi-storeyed buildings because of the flexibility that it provides combined with high strength. It also considerably speeds up the construction process. Due to such benefits, it has found usage in residential, commercial as well as industrial building constructions.

Here are 5 advantages of metal decking that make it a desirable choice for construction.

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Advantages of Metal Decking:

#1 – Less Weight:

Slabs made with steel decking have high structural strength compared to traditional concrete slabs. This creates a high strength-to-weight ratio which allows for a massive weight reduction. This proves to be much more beneficial for multi-storeyed buildings as it brings down the entire weight of the construction significantly which can allow for lower foundation sizes. Metal decking makes the slabs lightweight and reduces the amount of work or support props required for slab casting.

#2 – Cost Saving:

cost saving

Due to the reinforcement and strength given by the metal deck, in cases of composite slabs, the amount of concrete used in the slabs can be reduced by a large amount while maintaining the same strength. Moreover, the reinforcing steel can be reduced by 25% as the deck profile itself contributes largely to the tensile reinforcing property and thereby saves time and material required. This results in lower costs.

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#3 – Easy Handling:

Steel decking can be transported in pre-cut sizes according to the application on-site which can then be quickly laid out over the construction area. This greatly minimises work on-site and can help in faster construction. Moreover, the laying out of steel decking does not have to obstruct other processes being carried out on various parts of the construction site. In fact, the deck can be used as a working platform during construction and the masonry and other work can be carried out unhindered during and after the casting of the slab thereby reducing cost, time and labour. This allows for speedy and safe construction and requires less manpower to handle the activities.

#4 – Easy Installation of Shuttering Material:

Metal deck sheets act as composite members and as permanent shuttering resulting in savings of supply installation and installation of shuttering material. Additionally, provisions can be made on the steel decking or metal decking to fix cable trays and pipes which can then be easily laid out once the metal decking is in place. This significantly reduces costs incurred during the installation of these services on conventional slabs.

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#5 – High Strength:

Composite slabs made of concrete reinforced with metal decking can provide immense strength to the structure. The strength of the concrete combined with flexible reinforcement of the metal decking serves to provide an all-round stronger slab that can withstand a great amount of load over a long period of time. No major reinforcement is required unless the design parameters demand. The slab thickness can be reduced which can allow for lighter slabs while maintaining the same strength. This makes way for reduced foundation loads resulting in lesser material consumption and thus lowering the cost.

Those were some of the benefits of metal decking which have made it such a popular method of construction these days. Bansal Roofing is a leading supplier of metal decking in Vadodara and Gujarat and the stock levels of steel or metal decking that have allowed us to deliver throughout the region in record times compared to any other conventional flooring systems.

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